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Women and girls are counting on you to support our mission. Bong Sen believes women and girls deserve a brighter future. There are many ways to help women and girls in need, you can choose the way that works for you. Any help you can provide is valuable to them.

US$25 will give a girl access to a higher level of education

US$50 will pay for 2 terms fees to enable a young girl to finish high school

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US$ 50 will pay for a livelihood training for 25 women from poor households

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US$250 will pay 8 terms of studies at a university for a young woman

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US$400 will help start a family business through a micro-loan

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How to donate

You can contribute to any project by making a donation to Bong Sen. All donations will be entirely used to create opportunities for sustainable activities, that will provide long term income to needy households. alternatively, they will go towards ensuring poorer girls can continue their studies and have a healthier and safer future.

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