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Bong Sen

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Bong Sen (“Lotus” in English) is a Vietnamese non-governmental organization under the Hau Giang Union of Science and Technology Associations (Registration number No:50/QĐ-LHHHG, June 12 2017, the Hau Giang People's Committee and Hau Giang Union of Science and Technology Associations).

Our Vision

Basic education, economic opportunities and protection of the human rights are the path to empowering women and girls in Vietnam.

Our Mission 

  • To ensure that all girls can complete their education and as a result take control of their own future.

  • To help identify opportunities and provide the means to create economic activities that will provide regular income to families in need, under the responsibility of the women.

How we select the projects we support

Bong Sen focuses its action on the rural areas in Vietnam, especially in the Mekong Delta, where the population is particularly diverse and vulnerable. Our main criteria for selecting the projects in which we get involved are:

  • The high poverty rate and the dropout rate

  • The location in isolated communes


Based on above criteria, we selected Chau Thanh A in Hau Giang, 185km from Ho chi Minh city for our firts projects. Chau Thanh A covers 156.6km2, has a population of 117,713 inhabitants and in 2017 the average yearly income was US$ 881 per capita. 13% of the population lives under the poverty level. The main resources are rice, fruit trees and livestock.

Bong Sen currently implements development programs in 2 communes in Chau Thanh A.


The meanings behind our logo

  • The spiral symbolizes a cycle. The cycle is important for the lotus-flower and for women. After each cycle comes a new beginning.

  • Why two spirals? The dark green spiral is our organization (Bong Sen) and the bright green spiral is for women. The energy of both spirals goes to the red point. The red point symbolizes matriarchy.

  • The energy of the dark green spiral goes to the red dot, which symbolizes the woman.  With the impulse of energy when she receives a micro-credit, the woman can create a new dynamic, symbolized by the bright green spiral.

  • The red dot represents the woman turning around in her axis with two long green scarves, like in a traditional Vietnamese dance.

  • The color green was chosen because it symbolizes the green mountains and rebirth.  

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