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A Few Case Stories

Read how the actions implemented by Bong Sen since its creation have truly transformed the lives of the women and girls of the region

Thao_role model to school girl.JPG


Thảo, aged 20, lives in Tan Hoa commune. She joined us as a collaborator of our 2 Girls’ Education Programs. Thảo is an inspirational person and a true role model to schoolgirls and even parents in her hometown. They think “If she can study at the University, I can too" and often they want to be like her. Thảo has received our scholarship for 2 years now. She chose the Vietnamese studies as her major at the Can Tho University to learn more deeply about her homeland and promote Vietnam internationally through her work.

During the family visits, I share my own story with schoolgirls and their parents and tell them about my journey. Working with Bong Sen, I can earn additional income to cover my education” said Thảo.

Thảo lives with her mother and two older brothers. Her mother is illiterate and she looks tired  and ill since her father died. Thảo’s mother suffered hardship to send her children to school. Her brothers dropped-out of school when they were 10 years old. They work as daily laborers to earn $6 per day. Her brothers tried to make her stoop her studies because of their unstable daily income. They asked her to work to help the family. However, Thảo decided to continue her studies even though she is aware that there are many more challenges that will come to her. “I put in high effort and will never give up to achieve my dream of finishing my studies” said Thảo.

Ms. Ut_vegetable model.JPG


“While I already knew about planting vegetables I saw that Bong Sen was doing it slightly differently. I learned to install micro nets to cover the vegetables and hence reduce the risk of insect infection, save cost and time, and most importantly be able grow vegetables during the rainy season without using chemicals. My husband and I were trained about the procedure of making compost and growing organic vegetables. I’ve tried to follow the guide of the technical advisor to have a high-yield harvest. Our family can use the vegetable in our cooking, as well as I monthly earn $40 by selling it at market. With the profit my first priority is to invest in my daughter’s schooling. She wants to study fashion design” says Mrs. Ut, aged 54 in 3B hamlet, Tan Hoa. 

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“My name is Nguyen Thi Bich Thuyen, aged 29 years old. I live with my husband and 2 twins daughters who are in 4th grade in Truong Binh Hamlet. My family lives in a temporary house made of a thatched roof, metal walls, and soil floor which is poorly furnished. My family accesses water from a well pump and has to use a tree outhouse toilet. In spite of our family hardship I try to make my daughters continue going to school.  

Since May 2018 Bong Sen has provided non-financial and financial services. I have started borrowing a small loan of $66 to raise 20 doves and received technical assistance to learn how to raise them, including disease treatment and prevention. After 2 years, my family's average income increased to $34. Currently at cycle 5, I now raise 320 doves, 57 chickens, and have planted 180 mango trees. My husband is still working as a construction worker. 

My family is now much better than before, I do hope the profit of my livelihood models will enable me to invest in my daughters' education and to continue improve our daily life”.

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